Casinos Austria

SAZKA Group ownership: 34.04%


Casinos Austria is an international gaming group founded in 1967, focusing primarily on the Austrian market.

Casinos Austria maintains dominant positions in the licensed Austrian market for casinos, online gaming and gaming machines. Through a 68% stake in Österreichische Lotterien (Austrian Lotteries), it also owns the only Austrian lottery. In the domestic market, it operates 12 casinos, 16 gaming outlets, 5,193 points of sale for lotteries and a leading online gaming platform. Internationally, Casinos Austria operates another 26 casinos and one lottery. Casinos Austria employs 1,689 workers in Austria and 4,259 worldwide.

With its comprehensive sponsorship activities and commitment as a partner to various organizations, Casinos Austria funds sports initiatives as well as social projects and is among the most important sponsors in the fields of arts and culture in Austria.

In a series of transactions during 2015 and 2016, SAZKA Group agreed to acquire an indirect 34.04% stake in Casinos Austria (pending regulatory approvals) and an indirect ownership of 11.56% in Österreichische Lotterien (Austrian Lotteries) outside the Casinos Austria shareholding.

Key Figures (in EUR M)

Gross Gaming Revenue 1,284
Total assets 1,166
Number of employees 4,209
Number of distribution points 8,486
Gross Gaming Revenue 1,247
Total assets 1,182
Number of employees 4,233
Number of distribution points 5,160
Gross Gaming Revenue 1,229
Total assets 1,154
Number of employees 4,256
Number of distribution points 5,193
Gross Gaming Revenue 1,198
Total assets 1,120
Number of employees 4,539
Number of distribution points 5,162
Gross Gaming Revenue 1,166
Total assets 1,133
Number of employees 5,072
Number of distribution points 5,234
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