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Ownership: 8.88%


Home Credit ranks among the largest providers of consumer loans in the world. The company was founded in 1997 in the Czech Republic and has been managed by Jiří Šmejc since 2002. Home Credit focuses on responsible lending primarily to people with little or no credit or banking service history. In doing so, Home Credit promotes higher living standards and its credit services meet borrowers' financial needs. These features position it ahead of its competitors and make it a leading provider of consumer finance.

Home Credit specializes in multi-channel consumer finance lending, offering a large variety of products that vary from market to market. The backbone of its operations is “in-store lending”. At the “points of sale” (or “POS”), spread across local retailers’ shops, the Home Credit offers loans for purchases of durable goods and other types of consumer financing. In countries where the Home Credit holds banking licenses, it also offers retail banking and deposits for individuals. The company network comprises of more than 440,000 points of sales, loan offices, branches and post offices. In total, Home Credit employs over 125,000 professionals and has served more than 119 million customers.

Home Credit currently operates in 10 countries: the Czech Republic (since 1997), Slovakia (since 1999), the Russian Federation (since 2002), Kazakhstan (since 2005), China (since 2007), India (since 2012), Indonesia (since 2013), the Philippines (since 2013), Vietnam (since 2014), and recently also the United States of America (since September 2015 in partnership with Sprint).

In 2011, Home Credit also pioneered a new banking business model in the Czech Republic, founding Air Bank, a new retail bank. The bank's mission is to be the first bank that people like, promoting values such as simplicity, courage, and transparency. Air bank is successfully challenging the market incumbents, currently serving some 600,000 clients. Moreover, the bank is ranked as customers' first choice when they think about opening a current account.

Home Credit Group is owned by PPF and EMMA. Both groups share managerial responsibility and Jiří Šmejc serves as the chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of the Group.

Key Figures (in EUR M)

Operating income 3,123
Net profit 244
Total assets 21,526
Number of employees 157,700
Number of distribution points 399,288
Operating income 2,000
Net profit 210
Total assets 14,704
Number of employees 120,200
Number of distribution points 270,537
Operating income 1,710
Net profit -42
Total assets 12,515
Number of employees 73,573
Number of distribution points 185,924
Operating income 2,068
Net profit -49
Total assets 9,309
Number of employees 58,863
Number of distribution points 166,296
Operating income 2,631
Net profit 321
Total assets 11,215
Number of employees 51,899
Number of distribution points 139,635
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