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  • Pavel Krbec

    CEO, Rixo.cz

Born in Prague, where he studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University. After completing his doctoral studies, he joined IBM’s research division, where he won the IBM Research Division Award and registered a number of patents in the field of information technology. In 2008, he became head of the internet division of TV NOVA, which at the time was the most successful privately-owned television station in Central Europe. His career subsequently took him to the Swedish company MTG, which then ran, among others, the Czech Prima TV. There, he worked as the Head of Online for Central and Eastern Europe. From 2016, he was in charge of online strategy for Home Credit Group. He came to EMMA Capital in 2020 as a manager and the executive responsible for RIXO.cz, an online insurance company. In May of that year, he became RIXO’s Chief Executive Officer.