Ownership: 25%


SAZKA Group was formed in 2016 as a joint venture combining KKCG's and EMMA Capital's gaming assets. The Group is the largest provider of numerical lotteries in Europe, having a stake in all lotteries in continental Europe where lotteries are privately managed. Consumers spend over EUR 15 billion on wagers through SAZKA Group's portfolio companies and the aggregate EBITDA amounts to over EUR 850 million.

SAZKA Group is the sole owner of the Czech lottery company SAZKA a.s. At the same time, it is the largest investor in EMMA Delta, a fund holding a 33% stake in the Greek lottery OPAP. In a series of transactions during 2015 and 2016, SAZKA Group agreed to acquire an indirect 34.04% stake in Casinos Austria (pending regulatory approvals) and an indirect ownership of 11.56% in Österreichische Lotterien (Austrian Lotteries) outside the Casinos Austria shareholding. In 2016, SAZKA Group acquired a 32.5% stake in LOTTOITALIA, a company that has a license to operate the Italian lottery Lotto. In 2018, SAZKA Group also completed its acquisition of a 67% stake in Croatia's biggest gaming company, SuperSport.

SAZKA Group is fully committed to responsible gaming principles. All of its companies are members of the World Lotteries Association and are bound by the regulations instituted by the association.

Key Figures (in EUR M)

Net Gaming Revenue 1,664
Net profit 201
Net Gaming Revenue 591
Net profit 92

Group Companies

  • OPAP
  • Sazka
  • Lotto Italia
  • SuperSport
  • Blank