EMMA Capital Group acquired the online insurance service RIXO.cz

EMMA Capital Group completed its acquisition of RIXO.cz, a company which checks people’s insurance contracts and helps to improve them free of charge. RIXO.cz provides an online service which, thanks to its characteristics, is unique on the Czech market. Until now, the company was part of Home Credit Group’s portfolio. 


RIXO.cz’s service lets customers upload their insurance contracts to an online interface, where RIXO checks them for free and offers feedback, including recommendations about where it may be possible to secure the same level of insurance on better terms.

“We decided to take over RIXO.cz because it is a very positive, customer-oriented service. We believe that as a smaller, but distinctly flexible investment group, we will be able to successfully develop this project further. At the same time, we also have the requisite managerial background,” commented EMMA Capital’s Investment Director Pavel Horák.

Thanks to their work at Home Credit Group, both EMMA Capital’s main shareholder Jiří Šmejc, and one of EMMA Capital’s partners, Tomáš Kočka, are deeply familiar with the RIXO.cz project. Additionally, Home Credit’s Head of Online Pavel Krbec is joining EMMA Capital; he will be responsible for the RIXO project.

“I am looking forward to working in RIXO, because this is the only Czech company in the online insurance industry which unambiguously stands on the side of the customer,” said Pavel Krbec about his new assignment. Speaking about how RIXO’s operations function, he added: “Its main contribution is that in a full 70 percent of cases, we are able to uncover poorly set up insurance contracts for our customers, or an exorbitant price – indeed, often both of these issues together. The whole service is also set up in such a way that even users who are less technologically-inclined can use it without problems."

The RIXO.cz service started working halfway through 2018, and since then has served over 12,000 customers. 


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