EUROPE IVF International

Ownership: 80%


EUROPE IVF International s.r.o. is a medical centre in Prague for assisted reproduction that provides complete treatment for infertility disorders. It was founded in 2010 and, thanks to its excellent results, it is one of the most successful centers of this type not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the whole of Europe.

In 2019, the center served almost two thousand patients with a treatment success rate of 68%. Approximately one-fifth of the patients come from the Czech Republic, with the remainder comprising foreign clients, predominantly from Germany, the countries of the former Yugoslavia, and Italy.

In addition to the high success rate of the treatment it offers, EUROPE IVF International is also sought-after thanks to other attributes that clients highly appreciate, such as the professionalism of the medical team, its individual approach to patients, and the centre's cutting-edge technical equipment.

EMMA Capital entered into the company in 2019 with the acquisition of a 70% stake; subsequently, it increased its stake to 80%.

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