Premier Energy

Ownership: 71.25%


The Premier Energy Group is one of the fastest growing vertically integrated energy and power infrastructure holdings in Southeastern Europe focusing on the European Green Deal initiatives and UN Sustainable Development Goals. The principal activities of the Group are the vertically integrated renewable generation, distribution and supply of electricity and the distribution and supply of natural gas and the provision of electricity and gas related services to household and non-household consumers in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

EMMA Capital started in the business by acquiring Romanian natural gas distribution companies Gaz Sud and Grup Dezvoltare Retele in 2013. Through organic growth and more than a dozen strategic add-on acquisitions, Premier Energy (operating under this name since 2014) has secured its position as the third largest natural gas distributor and supplier in Romania, after Engie and E-On, serving over 115,000 customers along with being one of the fastest growing renewable energy generation and supply companies in Romania with over 1000 MW of renewable generation capacity under ownership, management or in development. In 2019, following the acquisition of significant electricity distribution and supply assets in Moldova, Premier Energy became the largest electricity distributor and supplier there, serving approx. 70% of the country.

In May 2024, the Group successfully completed a public offering of shares on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, as a result of which more than a quarter of the shares were acquired by new owners.

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