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  • Miroslav Kaufman

    Investment Manager

He was born in Prague and studied Business/Management at university. From 2008 he worked at Citibank for five years as a risk analyst in the area of consumer finance for Central and Eastern Europe, then worked for three years at Air Bank in the Czech Republic. There, he was responsible for new, unique consolidation loans and their introduction on the market. Air Bank won several notable awards for this product. Since 2015, he has worked at Home Credit International, where he led the business optimization department across all the Group’s country markets; among other accomplishments, he helped pioneer the implementation of chatbots across the Group. In 2019, he relocated to Kazakhstan, where he became Head of Customer Relationship Management. During his tenure, Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan’s sales tripled. He joined EMMA Capital Group in 2022 and dedicates himself to the development of BoxNow and its further expansion.