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  • Ondřej Frydrych


He comes from Liberec, where he also graduated from the local Technical University in the field of Automated Control. He continued his education abroad – first by studying computer science at the Technological Institute in Dublin and later in his MBA studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He began his professional career at the Kodak company in the U.S.A. He subsequently moved to the newly established internet company "eproductivity.com" supported by Samsung, among others. He served as Chief Technology Officer there. In 2002 he began his long tenure at Adastra, where he eventually became a partner of Business Consulting and then held the position of CEO for the Czech branch of the company. Some of the clients to whom he has provided his consultating services include Home Credit, Citibank, HSBC, Unicredit, Raiffeisen Bank and Sberbank. In 2014 Ondřej Frydrych was appointed CEO of Eldorado - the second largest network of stores of electric appliances and household equipment in the Russian Federation. In 2016, his tenure in Moscow ended, as he accepted an offer to become the CEO of Home Credit in China - the most significant and fastest-growing market where the group operates. Subsequently, in August 2018, he took over as CEO of the entire Home Credit Group. He became an EMMA Group partner in 2015.