EMMA Capital Group enters the green energy market


EMMA Capital, through its wholly-owned energy group Premier Energy, has successfully closed the acquisition of two Romanian renewable energy companies. The acquisitions include a 100% stake in Ecoenergia, which operates a wind power plant near the city of Stejar, and a 51% stake in Alive Capital, which provides services to smaller renewable energy producers.


Ecoenergia, which has fifteen wind turbines with a total capacity of 34.5 MW, started operations in 2014. Its plant is advantageously situated in the Tulcea area near the Black Sea, which offers some of the best conditions for wind power in Southeastern Europe. In 2021, Ecoenergia generated over 76,000 MWh of green energy.

Alive Capital was established in 2013, and provides an extensive combination of services to green energy producers: from distribution and maintenance of equipment, to business and accounting operations, to tax and administrative consulting. It manages 437 MW of individual green energy producers’ resources spread across the Romanian Republic. In 2020, it reported revenues of €50 million.

"We consider the completion of these acquisitions to be a great success," says Peter Stohr, board member of Premier Energy and partner at EMMA Capital. "Through them, we are entering the promising green energy market in an emphatic way. This market will become the logical third pillar of the Premier Energy Group, alongside the distribution and sale of natural gas and the distribution and sale of electricity."

Premier Energy Group is currently one of the fastest growing energy companies in Southeastern Europe. In 2021, its revenues reached €400 million. In addition to its current entry into the green energy market, it is the third-largest seller and distributor of natural gas in Romania and the largest seller and distributor of electricity in Moldova. Its market share there is approximately 70%.


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