Premier Energy: another significant step on the path to a successful share offering

Premier Energy, owned by EMMA Capital Group, announced today that it has received approval from the Romanian Financial Supervisory Authority to publish its prospectus for an IPO on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. This marks another important step in the process through which the Group intends to offer up to 32% of its shares to the public.


The Premier Energy Group is one of the largest players in the field of renewable energy in Southeastern Europe. It currently boasts more than 1,000 MW of renewable electricity generation under ownership, management or in varying stages of development.

At the same time, it is one of the fastest growing electricity suppliers in the region, currently supplying approximately 2.4 million clients, the majority being households and small businesses. In Moldova, Premier Energy is by far the largest electricity supplier and distributor, while in Romania, in addition to its vertically integrated renewable energy activities, it is also the third-largest natural gas distribution and supply company.

“The Premier Energy Group has achieved dramatic growth over the last decade. Its revenue has grown from EUR 13 million in 2012 to around EUR 1.3 billion today,” says EMMA Capital partner Petr Stöhr, adding: “Listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange is therefore a logical step. It will further strengthen the Group and allow it to continue its rapid growth and investment into renewable energy generation assets in the region.”

Financing the further development of renewable electricity generation will be a clear priority when using the proceeds from the IPO. In particular, this will entail the acquisition of additional wind and solar power plants. In April, for example, Premier Energy announced the purchase of an 80 MW wind plant near the Romanian city of Constanta.

EMMA Capital is a private investment holding founded in 2012 by Jiří Šmejc. In recent years, it has focused primarily on markets in the European Union, but is also present in other markets in Europe and Asia. It usually plays an active role in companies where it acquires an equity stake, dynamically participating in their management, development and any potential restructuring. EMMA’s investment priority is retail and customer-oriented companies.


Pavel Zuna
EMMA Capital
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