SAZKA Group entered into binding agreements on the acquisition of further shares in Casinos Austria AG

SAZKA Group entered into binding agreements on the acquisition of further shares in Casinos Austria AG

At completion, SAZKA Group will increase its indirect stake in Casinos Austria AG to 34%

Vienna, January 3rd 2017 - CAME Holding GmbH – a member of the Czech SAZKA Group – entered into binding agreements on the acquisition of shares of UNIQA Beteiligungs-Holding GmbH and LEIPNIK-LUNDENBURGER INVEST Beteiligungs AG in Medial Beteiligungs-GmbH and therefore will increase its indirect stake in Casinos Austria AG. The corresponding agreements were signed today. 


„With the acquisition of further shares in Casinos Austria AG, we are delighted to successfully expand our presence in the Austrian gaming market," says Štěpán Dlouhý, Chief Investment Officer at SAZKA Group. Already in September 2015 SAZKA Group took over an indirect share of Casinos Austria AG of 11.34% with the takeover of CAME Holding GmbH which holds 29.63% in Medial Beteiligungs-GmbH. "We are long-term strategic investors focused on bringing innovations to large European gaming companies. Investment into Casinos Austria AG fits our strategy perfectly. Together with other shareholders, we would like to contribute to further business growth of Casinos Austria in a sustainable way," continued Dlouhý.

The transaction is subject to Austrian antimonopoly and international gaming approvals and will be completed as soon as such approvals are obtained.

SAZKA Group: Successful gaming company with many years of expertise

SAZKA Group is one of Europe’s largest lottery and gaming operators. The aggregate annual amount of bets placed with companies in which the SAZKA Group holds an ownership interest are in excess of EUR 15 billion and the aggregate EBITDA amounts to over EUR 850 million. Shareholders of SAZKA Group are investment companies KKCG (75% shareholding) and EMMA Capital (25% shareholding), who share an equal managerial control of the SAZKA Group. SAZKA Group currently holds interests in the Greek lottery OPAP, Italy’s LOTTOITALIA and the Sazka lottery in the Czech Republic, as well as an 11.34% stake in Casinos Austria AG and 11.56% in Österreichische Lotterien GmbH.

Two owners, Karel Komarek (owner of KKCG) and Jiri Smejc (owner of EMMA Capital), are among the most successful entrepreneurs in Central and Eastern Europe. The international know-how of the two groups, KKCG and Emma Capital, is bundled in SAZKA Group: expertise in long-term strategic management, industry focus, successful consolidation and sustainable development of companies. Particularly in the entertainment and gaming sectors - with strong regulatory, competition or consumer protection frameworks - acquisition and management of domestic and international participations has been handled with utmost professionalism.

KKCG Investment Group

KKCG is an international investment group that manages assets worth over EUR 2.0 billion and employs over 2,500 people. KKCG's long-term strategy targets oil and gas production, lotteries and entertainment, tourism, and new technologies via the Springtide Ventures fund. KKCG holds shares in more than 25 companies, including the MND Group, SAZKA Group, VÍTKOVICE, the FISCHER Travel Group, and others. KKCG operates in 10 countries worldwide.

EMMA Capital

EMMA CAPITAL is an investment group established in 2012 at the initiative of its majority shareholder Jiří Šmejc. EMMA CAPITAL specializes in strategic investments, where it mainly focuses on the retail business. The usual strategy followed by companies associated under EMMA CAPITAL is becoming actively involved in the management of companies in which the group invests. EMMA CAPITAL currently operates in the Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Russia, Austria, Italy and Slovakia. In addition, EMMA CAPITAL owns an 11.37% stake in the Home Credit Group, one of the largest providers of consumer loans in the world.


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