J&T ARCH INVESTMENTS announces investment in EMMA Capital Group

The J&T ARCH INVESTMENTS Qualified Investor Fund has become an indirect shareholder of EMMA APLHA HOLDING, which is EMMA Capital Group’s main investment platform. The stake will amount to 8.1%.


The investment of EUR 100 million (approximately CZK 2.5 billion) builds on the  two groups’ long-standing business relationship and a number of successful projects on which they have collaborated. It also represents the fulfilment of a long-standing ambition to extend their cooperation from the field of financing into equity investments.

“We have a number of successful projects with EMMA Capital at the J&T level. This investment is thus wholly in keeping with our philosophy - to invest in partnerships built over many years. In addition, the current portfolio of EMMA ALPHA suitably complements our fund's composition with stakes in privately owned companies, particularly in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. EMMA Group’s recently closed transactions and historical track record fill us with confidence in the potential for interesting appreciation in the years to come,” says Adam Tomis, member of the Investment Committee of J&T ARCH.

“The entry of an external investor is a step in a completely new direction for us. We view it as a kind of exploration that can show us untapped opportunities for our further growth. At the same time, I believe that J&T ARCH is the ideal partner for such a step for many reasons,” adds Pavel Horák, Investment Director of EMMA Capital.

J&T ARCH INVESTMENTS, a Qualified Investor Fund, is J&T Group’s main investment platform. The fund invests in companies, projects and partnerships that the Group has helped to build over the past 25 years, and also contributes to fulfilling the ambitions of Czech-Slovak capital in Europe and worldwide. The Fund manages not only the assets of J&T Group’s founders but also those of private and institutional investors. J&T ARCH INVESTMENTS is traded on the Prague Stock Exchange, where it is one of the most liquid fund titles.

EMMA Capital is a private investment holding founded in 2012 by Jiří Šmejc. In recent years, it has focused chiefly on markets in the European Union, but is also present in other markets in Europe and Asia. It usually plays an active role in companies where it acquires an equity stake, participating in their management, development and in any eventual restructuring. EMMA’s investment priority is retail and customer-oriented companies.


Pavel Zuna
EMMA Capital
Email: [email protected]


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