Pavel Krbec becomes the new CEO of the Insurance Service

Related to the recent takeover of the online insurance service by the EMMA Capital Group, the change of CEO of this service will take place on 19 May 2020. The current CEO, Aleš Žárský, will be replaced by Pavel Krbec. 


“Aleš Žárský had a huge impact on how the Service has changed over time from a start-up company to one of the main insurance services on the Czech insurance market. Thanks to his contribution, we can offer a service that is completely unique in its parameters,” said Tomáš Kočka, one of the partners of the EMMA Capital Group.

The new CEO Pavel Krbec joined the EMMA Capital Group along with the acquisition of in March this year. He has worked as an executive director of until recently.  Previously, he worked for four years at Home Credit International as a Director for Online Strategy. In 2014-16 he has worked for the Swedish company MTG (co-owner of Prima TV), and since 2008 he worked for TV NOVA. He held the post in senior management in the field of online broadcasting in both companies.

“I am looking forward to working in the new position. I believe that we will continue to develop the Insurance Service successfully and make sure that our customers will be always properly insured. Our goal is to offer our customers a unique service, where they will have all the insurance policies stored in one place and will never have to worry about them again,” said Pavel Krbec after taking his new position. is a service that checks people's insurance contracts free of charge and helps them to improve them. What it means is that clients upload their insurance contracts to an online overview, RIXO checks them for free and evaluates them with the RIXO index. After that they monitor the dates and recommend better insurance with better policies if applicable.

The service started operating in the middle of 2018 and since then has served more than 16,000 users. In March 2020, the Service has been purchased by the EMMA Capital Group.

About the Service: is a free online insurance service with no other competition on the market in the Czech Republic. It saves people’s money on insurance, takes care of insurance contracts and policies, and helps its‘ customers to prevent any issues they may have with their insurance. The company creates an online overview of insurance policies from all insurance companies in the Czech Republic free of charge. For contracts, the company checks whether they are set up correctly, whether they cover everything essential, and whether or not they are the best the customer can have. They will evaluate them with the RIXO index, which on a scale of 1-10 indicates how good the contract is compared to others on the market. RIXO customers can easily switch to different insurance company. also monitors important policy terms and helps with insurance claims. In March 2020, the Service has been purchased by the EMMA Capital Group.


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