Sazka Group Increases Its Stake in OPAP

Prague, 9 June 2017 – The Sazka Group has purchased through its subsidiary Rubidium a 4.8% ownership interest in the EMMA Delta fund from Helixor, a partner of the J&T Private Equity Group. The purchased shares represent an indirect 1.6% ownership interest in the Greek lottery company OPAP.


"The deal was a good investment opportunity that conforms fully to our strategy for OPAP," said the Sazka Group's CEO Robert Chvátal in describing the transaction. He added that both of the Sazka Group's shareholders, the KKCG and EMMA Groups, have regarded OPAP as a strategic investment since the beginning of their partnership. 

"Helixor, acting in cooperation with the J&T Private Equity Group, has decided to sell its stake in the EMMA Delta fund, having achieved a very interesting return on investment. We consider OPAP's shares highly attractive from the investment viewpoint, and we will continue to monitor their development closely," commented the transaction Miloš Badida, CEO of the J&T Private Equity Group. The transaction changes the structure of investors in the EMMA Delta fund, which owns a 33% stake in OPAP, as follows: the Sazka Group currently holds 71.9% of the fund's shares, while the remaining 28.1% is controlled jointly by Greek partners and the U.S.-based IGT Group.

Sazka Group

The Sazka Group is one of the largest game and lottery operators in Europe. The aggregate annual value of bets placed with companies in which the Sazka Group holds a stake is in excess of EUR 15 billion, while the value of EBITDA totals EUR 850 million. Apart from the Greek lottery company OPAP, the Sazka Group currently holds ownership interests in Sazka (Czech Republic, 100%), LOTTOITALIA (Italy, 32.5%), and Casinos Austria and Österreichische Lotterien (Austria, 11.34% and 11.56%, respectively).

The Sazka Group's shareholders include the investment companies KKCG (75%) and EMMA Capital (25%), which both take equal part in the company's management. The international and business expertise of both groups guarantees that Sazka Group specialists possess the necessary experience with long-term management, productive consolidation, and sustainable development of business operations. Their know-how plays an important role in the management of gaming and lottery enterprises, a segment that is subject to strict regulation and strong emphasis on consumer protection.

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