Ownership: 85.7%


BoxNow was Founded in Greece in 2021, and expanded its activities to Bulgaria and Croatia the following year. The company is a postal courier service focused on the delivery of parcels ordered from online stores and between users. The distribution is carried out using so-called Automated Parcel Machines (APMs).

The company's reach covers the majority of the population in its countries and offers same-day or next-day delivery. Its APMs are accessible around the clock and customers can also send or return parcels through them. 95% of the APMs are powered by solar energy.

BoxNow has built the largest network of APMs in its markets in a very short time. The company operates more than a thousand of them, works with more than 400 online stores and couriers and continues to grow rapidly. This rapid development is also aided by a fully in-house IT solution.

EMMA Capital holds an 87.5% stake in Box Now, while the remaining minority stake is held by PCP Public Capital Partners.

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